Cryptocurrency Services


If you're brand new to Cryptocurrency and want some hand holding to get your set up on the exchange, connecting your local bank, funding your account, purchasing some cryptocurrencies, hot wallet setup, setting up some interest earning deposits, and help ordering your first visa card then this service is for you. Prices start at $2000

ERC20 Token Minting Service

If you want to create your own coin then we can can help. Our cryptocurrency coins

nomad and inch are created on the ethereum blockchain and are known as erc20 tokens.  With our erc20 minting service we can help you mint your coin, set up the variables, set up your hot wallet, assist with liquidity pool, marketing,

and community building. We have the advantage of successfully creating our own coins on this blockchain and can share our expertise for your project. Prices start at 10K USD

BSC Minting Service

The Binance Smart Chain (BSC) is a large ecosystem of cryptocurrency tokens that is powered by the binance coin (BNB). The BSC network has many similarities to the ethereum network, but there is the benefit of cheaper transaction to use the network. Our BSC minting service will help you set up the properties and name of your coin on the test and production network, and help you set up your hot wallet for the BSC network. We can also assist you with marketing and community building. Prices start at $6000 USD.


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