Canadian Cryptocurrency Creators Lock Their founders tokens Nomad and Inch Until Jan 1 2022

The cryptocurrency landscape is filled with anonymity, mistrust, and stories of investors getting rug-pulled (founders selling their tokens for profit early). Canadians Terry Masson and Greg Hung hope to change that by their freshly minted crypto tokens NOMAD & INCH created in Vancouver Canada on Aug 1 2021.

They aim to be the most transparent Crypto projects that exist by sharing their entire workflow and behind the scenes while they follow their roadmap to bring more visibility and value to their coins.

They livestream regularly offering free tutorials and teaching investors and users how to do things like set up hot wallets, transferring cryptocurrencies between wallets, earning interest on crypto, and buying their tokens on decentralized changes.

To give investors confidence that the founders won't sell their 10% share of the NOMAD and INCH tokens they have recently locked up their tokens until Jan 1 2022 at Team.Finance. Investors or prospective investors can search for the tokens and see the amount locked and when they are locked until. You can view the videos of the founders locking up the tokens if you would like to learn the process. The locking process came at the expense of the founders as a commitment to investors that there will no rug pull. You can learn more about the inch coin project, which is committed to cryptocurrency education here.

The NOMAD coin was created by Canadian Digital Nomad Greg Hung as the first NOMAD coin. You can learn more about NOMAD coin project here.

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